Brazen Beef

Our beef are processed at Sailer's in Elmwood WI.  The meat is all vacuum sealed for the best quality.  If you are ordering a 1/4 beef or more you get to give the cutting instructions for your portions - what steaks, how thick, etc.

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Beef - 1/4, 1/2, Whole

DEPOSIT. Remaining payable when the animal goes in for butchering. Price will... 

  • Welcome

    Hi!  Welcome to our farm!  Nick and I raise beef cattle and crops in the Roberts WI area.  We would like to offer you quality beef direct from the farm!  We know you will love it!


  • The Cows

    Our cows are spoiled!  They love treats and will come when called to get them!  DeDe has a mouth like a hippo and can not wait to get a special donut on occasion.  The cows stay on our farm throughout their life.  They have a calf every spring and that calf stays with them until winter.  Every animal here has a name and is called by name.  We currently have 42 cows here and they are divided into 3 pastures to have enough space for them and their calves.

  • Raising Beef

    Our beef are pasture raised.  The cow/calf pairs have many acres to roam during the temperate months.  During winter they are kept in a smaller pasture and fed the hay we worked on all summer.  It takes about 3-4 round bales a day to feed the animals here.  That means all summer we are busy with crops.  Steers are finished with corn to get the good marbling in the meat for the best flavor.  Our goal is to market direct to the consumer so we can make sure our animals and customers are treated right.